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Candy is a very sweet 3 legged puppy who was found abandoned on a building site. She had been living under an old metal sheet. It wasn't easy to rescue Candy because she was very scared, but she's a happy puppy with a waggy tail and is growing in confidence by the day.

We don't know exactly how Candy sustained her leg injury, but we think she had an accident as a very young puppy and she helped heal it herself.

Despite her difficult start in life Candy is trusting of humans and is making friends with the other puppies at the land. She gentle, inquisitive and starting to be playful and loves wearing her pink bandana. Candy is still only small and manages to walk in her own way but she could perhaps make use of a prosthetic leg to help her.

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 4 months old
Weight: 4.1kg

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Taylor street dog adoption


Phoenix was found with his sister Faith in the most horrific condition. They had been kept in small rusty cages for years and had been so neglected that their fur was matted solid full of excrement, smelling revolting.

After an enormous groom which took hours under sedation, Phoenix is not only looking so much better but he is feeling so much happier too. He has started to come out of his shell and is displaying real character and confidence.

He is playful, loves walks and loves being with people. Phoenix would love a home where someone is around and he can spend much of the day on their lap. Phoenix does get on well with the other dogs at the land but he would also be happy as the only dog in the house getting full attention from his new family.

Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 4 years old
Weight: 5.5kg

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Taylor street dog adoption


Faith was found with her brother Phoenix in the most horrific condition. They had been kept in small rusty cages for years and had been so neglected that their fur was matted solid full of excrement, smelling revolting.

Faith was in a particularly bad state as one of her eyes had a terrible infection with maggots crawling out of the wound next to it. After having a big groom to remove all of the matted fur and receive treatment for her eye, Faith is now flourishing at Happy Doggo land.

She is friendly, good natured and enjoys the company of people and other dogs. Her fur is growing back and her eye has healed very well. Although she has lost her sight in that eye, it doesn't need any further treatment and she won't have to have it removed. She has vision in her left eye.

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 4 years old
Weight: 5.6kg

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Taylor street dog adoption


Bowie was spotted outside an empty villa on the island and we believe she previously had owners who abandoned her there.

She was clearly in need of help, but she disappeared and couldn't be found for weeks. When we eventually caught her, she was dirty, covered in fleas and underweight.

Bowie is a friendly and happy dog, enjoys human company and loves air con! She has made friends with the other dogs and enjoys going on walks. Bowie got her name because she has one blue and one brown eye, like David Bowie. Thailand is far too hot for her so we are hoping to find a home for Bowie in a much cooler climate!

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 2 years old
Weight: 16.5kg

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Taylor street dog adoption

Mr Big (Notorious B.I.G)

Mr Big was found in a terrible state, covered in fleas and ticks, with maggots in his ears. He was so sick that he was just days from death and sadly it felt like he had already given up.

Once rescued and safely at Happy Doggo land, Mr Big had a big wash, medical treatment and he has made a remarkable recovery in a short space of time. He is loving life again.

Mr Big is happy and getting his energy back. He loves running on walks, human attention and has made friends with the other dogs. He is working hard on regaining his fitness.

He can't travel abroad so he's looking for a home in Thailand.

Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 4 years old
Weight: 30kg

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Adoptable dogs

Sorry, no dogs available at the moment.

Hank - Thailand Only

Hank is a loveable, friendly, and calm middle-aged guy. He was previously owned, but his family decided to surrender him because of the costs associated with keeping him.

Hank gets along well with all humans, including kids, but he could accidentally knock them over. He's friendly with other dogs, but would enjoy a home where he's the only dog. He walks well (but slowly) on leash, loves to run, and is pretty good with all basic training. Because of his size, he would be best suited to an experienced owner.
Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 5-6 years
Weight: 29kg

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was dumped at a busy pier towards the end of Covid. She tried to integrate herself into a few different packs but she was never successful and regularly got attacked by the other dogs. She eventually gave up and has spent the last year living by herself and trying to survive.

She is a very gentle and submissive dog, who has always loved human attention. She greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail and would love nothing more than to spend her days with a quiet family who will teach her that the world isn't as scary as she thinks.

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 2-3 years
Weight: 11kg

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is still just a puppy, but she has been through so much already. Found dumped with her sister Sophie at an abandoned construction site, we rescued her in very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, only weeks later she contracted Parvo and very nearly didn't make it.

Kate Moss is very nervous and distrustful of humans, but she is slowly learning that ear scratches are nice, especially if they come with food. She is more reserved than her sister Sophie, and will likely always be a timid dog. Building up her confidence and trust will take time, so a very gentle and patient home is key.

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 5 Months


Tommy was hit by a car at a young age, and suffered a broken hip and femur. After an operation and a few months of recovery, he has regained almost full mobility, although he'll always have slightly limited physical abilities so he may not be the best long-distance running partner.

Tommy is a very energetic and playful dog and he's full of puppy energy. He genuinely wants to be friends with everyone he meets and is up for anything. He would do well in almost any environment, provided he gets the proper training and socialization early on.

Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 9 Months
Weight: 13.4kg


Sophie is still just a puppy, but she has been through so much already. Found dumped with her sister at an abandoned construction site, we rescued her in very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, only weeks later she contracted Parvo and very nearly didn't make it.

Sophie is still very nervous, but she is showing signs of curiosity and getting braver every day! She's very interested in other dogs, and will likely be a great companion to another dog. With her inquisitive nature, we think she will blossom into quite an outgoing and social dog one day! 

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 5 Months

The Minogue Sisters

Dannii and her sister Kylie Minogue have spent the last 3 years living at a busy pier. They never fully integrated into any pack, and they have historically been wary of humans and other dogs.

Since coming to live at the shelter, they have become very attached and affectionate towards humans. They are exuberant and playful dogs who are very tightly bonded to one another. We would love to find a home for these two sisters together and think they would thrive in an active house, ideally with a large fenced yard to play in.

Sex: Female
Approximate Age: 2-3 years
Weight: 10kg, 12kg


Stitch was hit by two cars as a young puppy and he suffered broken hips, a shattered hip socket, and a broken femur. After an extensive operation and months of targeted rehabilitation, he is now able to walk again.

Stitch is a very energetic, affectionate, and loving dog. He gets along well with most other dogs, but is showing some signs of resource guarding and can get jealous when he doesn't get all the attention. As a typical "teenager" he would be best suited to a home with an experienced dog owner who can teach him proper boundaries and socialization.

Sex: Male
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 13kg


Some of our most commonly asked questions about adopting a dog from Thailand.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog from Thailand?

There are a lot of factors that go into calculating the final adoption price, but for the EU, UK, and US the cost is typically from USD $1,800 - $3,000. If you are selected to adopt one of our dogs, we will take a $500 deposit up front to cover the cost of food and required vaccinations.

How long does the adoption process take?

From the time we receive an adoption deposit, you can expect it to take 12 weeks until the dog is ready to travel. This is because there are mandatory minimum waiting times between a dog's vaccinations and required antibody testing.

Are all dogs available for adoption?

No, not every dog that we treat will be available for adoption. This could be due to the dog's health, their likeliness to adapt well to a home, or simply because they are happy and well cared for on the street. In addition, some dogs (all snub-nosed/bully breeds) are not permitted on airplanes, so they cannot be re-homed outside of Thailand.

What kind of training do your dogs have?

This really depends on the dog and their unique background, but we do not do any behavioural or lifestyle training. You can expect most of our dogs to be able to walk comfortably on leash, but you will likely need to work on house/potty training and basic obedience.

How do you choose who gets to adopt?

We do our best to match every dog to the best household for their specific requirements. We thoroughly review every application and interview all prospective new parents, and at the end of the day we might match potential adopters with a different dog than they originally applied for.

Help a dog get to their forever home

All of our dogs traveling overseas need a dedicated flight volunteer to escort them home. If you're flying from Thailand to Europe or the United States, you could help a deserving dog get home.

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Meet some of our Happy Doggos

Here are just a few of the dogs that we've helped, whose lives and stories have captivated people all over the world. It's these dogs that make us do the work we do.


If one dog could change the world, it's Tina. Rescued after a lifetime of mistreatment, Tina was the sweetest and most loving dog you could ever meet.

Her life with us was too short, but her memory and legacy will live on in Tina's Hospital.


The first ever Happy Doggo to be adopted, Hope came to us after being slashed by a machete and shot with a nail gun.

She had completely shut down. But with a lot of love and patience, Hope is now living an incredible life in the UK.


Whacker (or King Whacker) was found with a gaping wound to his head. Someone had hit him with a pick-axe, and they were a few milimetres away from killing him.

He's now enjoying life in Glasgow with his little brother Cooper.

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