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The most commonly asked questions about how to support or work with Happy Doggo.

How can I report a dog that needs help?

Happy Doggo Land has very limited space and we usually only take in dogs who are very ill or in danger.

If you know of a dog who urgently needs help, please click 'Report a dog' and fill in the form, and we’ll try our best to assist.

Unfortunately, we cannot help rehome dogs to other countries or take in dogs who are healthy.

Report a dog
How can I help Happy Doggo?

The best way that you can support Happy Doggo is to interact with us on our social channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter) or to donate online.

Can I volunteer or visit in Thailand?

Right now, we can’t accept volunteers or visitors at Happy Doggo. We’re currently a small team caring for multiple sick dogs and we don’t have the capacity for volunteers. However, we are in the process of building a new facility and focused on expanding our sterilization efforts, but we plan to have a volunteer program in the future.

If you are planning to visit Thailand or Koh Samui and would like to help us get a dog to their forever home however, we are always looking for flight volunteers. There’s no cost to you and we do most of the work, you just need to chaperone the dogs and make sure they get to their destination.

Be a flight volunteer
How do I get a grant from Happy Doggo?

Happy Doggo sterilization grants are based on various factors and start with a discussion with the Happy Doggo team. The first step is to fill in a grant application form. (Note: grant applications are reviewed quarterly so you might not hear back from us immediately.)

Apply for a grant
Where can I buy Happy Doggo merch?

At the moment, the Happy Doggo store is closed! We really appreciate all of the support on our previous launch, and we'll be reopening with new merch in late 2024.

What medication should I give my dogs/dogs on the streets for ticks and fleas?

Unfortunately, Happy Doggo can’t give out medical advice for individual dogs. Each dog is different and medication differs across countries and regions. We’d recommend reaching out to vets in your local area for advice.

Can I send a gift to the team or the dogs?

Because Thai customs can be complicated and Happy Doggo land doesn’t currently have an address, we can’t accept gifts. However, if you have purchased something for the dogs, we’d love it if you donated it to a local dog shelter. The best way to help the dogs is to donate directly to us online.

Where do you adopt dogs to?

We can adopt dogs to Thailand, The US, The UK, The EU, Singapore, and The Channel Islands.

Sadly, we can’t send dogs to Australia or Canada due to restrictive quarantine rules.

How do I start my own dog rescue?

The laws and regulations in each country are different and no one situation is the same. Because of this, we can’t give out specific advice.

However, we’d recommend reaching out to other rescues in your area who should be able to give more specific help.

Can I use Happy Doggo's brand to raise money for Happy Doggo or other causes?

While we are always grateful for people who wish to support us, we need to ensure our community gets the highest quality items and are always aware exactly where their money is going.

We ask people not to use the Happy Doggo brand or our dogs' or humans' likenesses without our express permission.

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If you're interested in fostering or adopting any of our amazing dogs, please complete an adoption application or email us at the address below.