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The World Health Organization estimates that there are 200 million street dogs worldwide. Many of them suffer from hunger, abuse, and illness. Through feeding, medicating, and–most importantly–sterilization, we aim to fix the global street dog problem.

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Niall Harbison with street dogs

Our first sterilization

While many street dogs are friendly, very few of them actually want to be caught and put in a crate (which is what makes mass sterilization quite challenging). To ease into this new venture, Niall decided to start with everyone's favorite street dog: Mr. Fox.  

A willing participant, his sterilization went well and Mr. Fox went on to have a healthy and happy couple of years on the streets. That is, until we decided to find him a forever home in 2024. Since then, we've gone on to sterilize thousands more dogs.

Sterilization + vaccination

Since launching, we've sterilized and vaccinated over 2,000 dogs. In 2024, we're on track to 10x that number.


Dogs sterilized
We funded the sterilization of over 2,000 dogs in 2023.


Dogs to be sterilized
In 2024, we're working with partners to sterilize 20,000 dogs.


Lives saved
20,000 sterilizations stops approximately 100,000 dogs from being born into suffering.

Feeding + medication

We feed 800 street dogs on Koh Samui every single day. We have a team of dedicated chefs who cook up fresh, wholesome meals for the dogs and deliver them to the streets. These meals are made up of rice, vegetables, and meats, ensuring that all the street dogs stay healthy and never go hungry.

Delivering these healthy meals also means we can keep an eye on the health of the dogs and keep them flea and tick free.

Dogs at our sanctuary

While most street dogs who need medical attention can be back with their packs within the day, some need more serious medical attention.

These are the dogs who come to stay at our sanctuary at Happy Doggo Land. Dogs who have been hit by cars, who have been badly abused, or even need to lose some weight, come to us for care and rehabilitation. Often, they’re able to go back and live their lives normally but sometimes they’re rehomed. In this case, they stay with us until they’re ready to travel.

Our adoptable dogs

Our partners

Since the very beginning, we’ve relied on a network of partner charities and animal welfare organizations to deliver life-saving sterilizations. These are the incredible organizations we’re working with to deliver 20,000 sterilizations in 2024.

Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation was created in 2003 to provide humane solutions to the street dog issues on Phuket and address their medical needs.

Now, they sterilize thousands of dogs per year, alongside vaccination, medical treatment, and adoption.

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VetVan’s animal welfare project started in early 2018 and has already helped thousands of animals in need.

VetVan has already placed more than 500 dogs into homes and sterilized tens of thousands.

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Rob's Dogs

Founded in 2018 by Rebecca Cain in her husband's memory, RDF wants a compassionate world for animals.

Rob’s Dogs mission is to fund the sterilization of street dogs and owned dogs in low-income homes in South-East Asian countries.

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Founded in 2001, Phangan Animal Care for Strays is a non-profit organization providing free or low cost veterinary care to the local dog and cat population.

PACS currently sterilizes up to 50 dogs every month, but has plans to expand further.

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Bali Paws

Founded by sisters Desiree and Santi Morgenstern, Bali Paws grew out of a need to house the countless sick and injured puppies in Bali.

Starting in late 2023, Bali Paws embarked on a larger sterilization project to tackle the problem directly.

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